WINNING! So, Whats New This Week on Glossy News Satire?不不不不不不不

WINNING! So, Whats New This Week on Glossy News Satire?不不不不不不不

And we’re about to hit another exciting week on Glossy News Satire! In the non-satire world, things are pretty hectic. The bustling US Democratic nomination field is narrowing further and further, Trump is still on Twitter doing his thing, pollsters are going at it hammer and tongs, the UK is continuing tough negotiations with the USA and the EU, Coronavirus is spreading across the world, popular unrest and anxiety is a big thing from Tehran to Hong Kong, Gaza to Rio, London to Beijing, Moscow to Seoul, online or offline, it’s all goin’ on!

But in the middle of it all, you can always trust Glossy News Satire to bring you some of the best edgy humor and thought-provoking angles! The ‘better angles’ of our nature as Steven Pinker might say, although not always the nicest ones!

So our non-partisan satire site now starting off the week with some grubby humor about the rather ‘erotically idiosyncratic’ (is that what we call it nowadays?) Donald J. Trump.

This is from the exciting talent known as Lew Tucker! Punchy and energetic stuff, of the kind we’ve now already EASILY come to expect from him.

Then later today, our naughty editor Wallace Runnymede has an epic expose of Mike Bloomberg and the latest DNC rigging and bribery scandal!

Further into the week, satire veteran rfreed is going to have something about Russian collusion. This guy’s darkly humorous news parodies are bordering on genius, but his ‘long run of history’ prose commentary on present controversies as well as the past historical errors that have got so much of the world to the mess we are today are also very provocative and interesting. You know what they say about the penalty for not knowing the past…

Finally, a relatively new entrant, Nicolas Vrcothichky, has a disturbing look at some terrifying scientific research that is sure to be of interest to a lot of those intrigued or (less happily) entranced by our post truth and alternative facts nightmarescape of today…

In the meantime, here’s his most recent article. Have to admit I was a bit naughty and put a UK picture on. Our satire mainly covers US and UK, but that’s more because most of our writers are from the US (and our editor is from the UK). We’re always welcome for a broader range of views, so this is your chance!

Well, I’m sure you can all agree this is pretty exciting!

But, what else?

Well, catch us on social media here and here to find out more!