Why Your Brain Needs a Workout

Why Your Brain Needs a Workout

Everyone knows that physical exercise can improve health and mood. However, it’s easy to
forget that the brain is part of the body, and needs to be exercised just as much as the rest. You
might think you can get away with using your brain in work each day, but that usually does not
cut it.
Let’s face it, most of us can do our work with our eyes shut after a while. Literally, in some
cases, if last night was a late one. Exercising a brain needs some extra effort but there are
rewards to be had.

The benefits of brain exercise

It’s natural to have a few forgetful moments, especially as we navigate the hurdles of middle age
and later life. Those moments when you spend two hours watching a movie and another two
trying to find your car afterwards or where you only use your landline as a smartphone location
However, there are things that can be done to improve the health and functionality of the brain.
Taking time out to think about exercising your brain brings some impressive advantages.
● Memory improvement. You may actually be able to remember why you walked into a
● Mental capacity boost. Working the brain strengthens the effectiveness and growth of
● Putting off cognitive decline. There is no way of preventing this type of decline. However,
it helps if you can put if off for as long as possible.

Find the right brain exercise for you

The good news about keeping your brain sharp is that you do not have to spend a fortune on
gym membership and then spend months inventing reasons why you cannot go.
Brain exercise is mostly not location sensitive. It’s not time sensitive either. This means that it’s
the perfect way to spend ad breaks, or that time at the weekend where motivation has left the
building and needs to be invited back in. Wherever you are, and whatever time you have, here
are some brain exercise suggestions for inspiration.

Learn to play cards

Research has shown that playing card games can improve volume in different areas of the
brain. It can also help to improve memory. If you have not played card games like bridge or
blackjack before, you may want to join a local group.
Alternatively, you can play online, at sites like NetEnt with the rules covered here. You can try
the games for free so that you can practice your skills. This helps you to build your confidence in
the privacy of your own home.

Expand your vocabulary

Different areas of the brain are involved when you learn new words. Aside from this benefit, it
can also help you overcome a losing streak against your favourite crosswords. It’s a win-win
A good way of learning words is to write down ones that you do not know the meaning of, when
you come across them. Then you need to look up the meaning and try to use the word in
context a few times the next day.

Use every sense

Research suggests that using different senses is one of the best ways to give your brain a good
workout. It’s like exercising your whole body by running on the treadmill then doing a few laps in
the pool.
So, opening up your senses to different experiences is a good idea. If you love to cook, why not
take some classes. You may never be Gordon Ramsey but you could host some awesome
dinner parties and strengthen your brain at the same time.
Exercising your brain does not require any special skills. You just need some dedication and you
might be able to make those key, phone and wallet searches a little less frequent.