What Constitutes the Caribbean Brand of Sports?

What Constitutes the Caribbean Brand of Sports?

If you are going to the Caribbean and want to enjoy an active vacation, finding out more about what sports to watch or enjoy in this tropical paradise is important. Love baseball? Huge soccer fan? Diving and snorkeling addict? Sports may be your first consideration as well as finding the ideal place in which to relax after an active day outdoors.

Both water and land sports are popular in these countries, and the residents of the islands know how to do sports for fun and excitement.

Land Sports

Caribbean nations have teams that are part of the FIFA’s CONCACAF (Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football) and compete in the CONCACAF Champions League. While vacationing, you can attend soccer games at different levels; soccer is especially important in the more British Islands, while baseball has many fans in the Dominican Republic. Soccer fans are present across the cultures of the islands; it is a uniting factor. The sport of soccer is called football or fútbol across these Caribbean islands.

Rugby is played in Jamaica, Barbados, the Bahamas, St. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago, and travelers who visit during the game season are in for a treat. Watching sports against a beautiful backdrop makes the game even more exciting.

Cricket is another popular sport, and the West Indies cricket team has lots of supporters. In Saint Lucia, cricket and football lead in popularity. Tennis is also becoming more popular. During the 1980s, volleyball was a popular sport in Saint Lucia; St Lucia won the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) men’s and women’s volleyball competitions during that time.

While attending games, you might want to find the right place to stay. Returning home after a game allows you to relax before heading to dinner or another adventure. You might check out the range of Caribbean vacation rentals that provide a host of amenities for your stay. You can then be near your favorite stadium or water spot.

Golf is also very popular in the Caribbean nations. Idyllic golf courses set in lush surroundings invite players, from novice to experienced, to play a round. Travelers love the relaxation of such golfing destinations as those found in Turks and Caicos, Anguilla, Barbados, the Bahamas and other courses that are challenging a well as beautiful. Jamaica has two championship courses, including one that some players believe is haunted; they are designed by some of the most famous golf course designers.

Horse racing is also popular on the islands, and travelers can watch racing as well as polo in Barbados. Polo matches between islands are popular, as Jamaica and the Dominican Republic also have teams.

Water Sports

If you prefer doing sports as well as watching, there are many places to enjoy both.

Sailing is a popular pastime in the islands. Sailing adventures can be found throughout the islands; some of the most scenic natural water settings are here. Vacationers can rent boats to explore the islands. Watching yacht racing is a sport in itself. You can find a schedule of racing for the region in which you’re staying, and your choice of Caribbean vacation rentals might include proximity to the water.

Diving and snorkeling are popular in the Caribbean, with abundant beautiful water to explore. Scuba divers can visit underwater sculpture parks in Grenada as well as snorkel in a plethora of scenic locations.

Swimming is a popular pastime, as abundant warm water and beautiful; multiple OECS Championships in swimming have been won by St Lucia.

There are a number of sports organizations in the Caribbean, a testament to the popularity of some sports. As mentioned earlier, FIFA’s CONCACAF (Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football) shows just how important soccer (football) is to the region.

The Caribbean brand of sports includes a host of sports that are done by active residents of the islands and can be viewed by visitors as spectator sports. Other sports can be enjoyed as a full day of exploration and activity. Diving, windsurfing, snorkeling and kitesurfing offer adventure for the traveler. You can spend your time watching the popular sports or actually doing them. Have you ever tried Cricket? Have you ever wanted to learn to windsurf? Your trip to the Caribbean may be the ideal time.