The symptoms of being a selfish bastard, by chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty

The symptoms of being a selfish bastard, by chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty

I’M PROFESSOR Chris Whitty, the Chief Medical Office of the UK, and we are discovering that more and more Britons are terminally selfish bastards. 

Here’s how to identify whether you are one of those people and how you can treat it before it is too late for you and those around you.


If you’re visiting one of our increasingly silent and unnerving supermarkets and find yourself filling a trolley with more fresh produce, pasta and paracetamol than you are realistically able to consume, stop and slap yourself in the face.

Getting together with mates to get hammered

Check your behaviour every six hours. If you find yourself going to a houseparty to get drunk with friends or refusing to stop training for a cancelled marathon, then look in a mirror and tell yourself what a staggeringly selfish twat you are.

Trying to send your kids to school

If there are no key workers in your household and someone is able to care for your children, trying to send them to school anyway means you have an acute case of what doctors call inconsideratus illegitimi. We diagnose looking after your own kids, knobhead.

Taking your caravan to Wales

Driving your caravan to Wales or Scotland to avoid the coronavirus and quite possibly taking the virus with you is the ultimate selfish bastard move. Pull over near a concrete overpass and spend five to ten minutes banging your head into it before turning around and going home.

All of the above

If you attempt to do all of the above, I regret that your case is too far advanced for any preventative action to be effective. There is no vaccine or cure and never will be. You must self-isolate for the rest of your natural life.