Six incredibly stupid reasons for scrapping the TV licence

Six incredibly stupid reasons for scrapping the TV licence

RIGHT-WINGERS have their sights set on getting rid of the BBC in its current form. But do their arguments stand up to scrutiny?

The BBC is too left-wing

So long as you forget about Andrew Neil, John Humphrys, Nigel Farage and the entire Question Time audience every week, plus others. They are all cancelled out anyway by the occasional gay alien on Doctor Who.

They’ve stopped making Dad’s Army

An idiotic decision. The 1970s sitcom set in World War 2 had loads of life left in it. They probably axed it to make room for a sitcom about a one-legged lesbian living with a transgender whale. That one no one has ever seen. 

There’s plenty of current affairs on Netflix

Netflix does stuff that’s ‘current’, like documentaries about a bloke in Iowa who poisoned 900 people in 1993, but he didn’t do it and it’s only just come to light. You’d be woefully ignorant of that if you only watched Newsnight.

It’s all rubbish anyway

David Attenborough, Strictly Come Dancing, Mock the Week, the news, Killing Eve – yep, BBC stormtroopers have to kick in people’s doors and make them watch those things at gunpoint.

We can watch the good stuff on UK Gold and Dave anyway

Yes. Anyone with any sense would prefer to watch old repeats of QI on a £29.99 a month Sky package than pay through the nose for the licence fee. 

I’m sick of people banging on about Fleabag

Fair enough.