Site Renovation and Improvement for 2020 (IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ!) :)

Site Renovation and Improvement for 2020 (IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ!) :)

Dear Glossy News readers, writers and advertisers, thanks so much for making our amazing non-partisan satire site what it is today!

I want to tell all of you that the site is undergoing renovation at the moment. Your logins are generally unlikely to work at the moment until our renovation is done, but to keep things simple and consistent, please could EVERYONE either submit via the Feedback form (which was done for a day or so and is now up again, see here!), or else email (Use an @ instead of a ~, of course. We just write it this way in this article to reduce the risk of spammers targeting the site).

Our three prize winning satirists for 2019, out of the ten mentioned here, were Fort Nag, Dan Geddes of the Satirist and Alice Soref.

I will be discussing with the boss about our investments in the site, to agree on a plan; but that will be a little further in the year, as he has a lot of responsibilities to attend to right now, which are ultimately for the good of the site. As the editor, I am not obliged or permitted to give full details on all aspects of the site, but I want to make sure our readers, writers and advertisers are adequately informed on our vision going forward. So there will be more details later.

All feedback is appreciated, at the email address given above or (again) the feedback box.

We’ve recently started a Medium account, although it needs a bit of tweaking. For now, here’s Ali-Ashgar’s recent story on a scary conspiracy theory. We don’t have any paywalled content there so far. If anyone wants to give the editor permission to republish your Glossy News Satire story on this Medium account, just let him know!

If you want to know more about our social media plans, feel free to reach out, but if you look at our Glossy News Satire homepage, we already have some icons to start with.

Hope you’re all having a great New Year! Whether your satirical obsessions are the ‘Loony Left,’ ‘Rabid Right’ or ‘Psycho Centre,’ we wish you much merriment for what is sure to be a truly FANTASTIC YEAR! We just couldn’t do it without you! 🙂

NB: No endorsement from Kool-Aid or creepy Kool-Aid monsters either implied or desired.