“Shifty Xi” Jinping Caught With Pants Down in Edgy ‘The Clash’ Cover!

“Shifty Xi” Jinping Caught With Pants Down in Edgy ‘The Clash’ Cover!

He’s the Schmo with the bros!

But he ain’t the Worker’s Messiah, he’s just a very naughty…

Something or other.

Shifty Xi is a master of propaganda, so let’s watch him retrieve his flagging regime with this edgy song parody!

Ooh mah dodgy Chairman mah dodgy Chairman
When you gonna give me some Fresh Corona?
Ooh cover-up fun, man dem Commies won!
Loving all the Marxist propaganda MYYYYY Corona
Never gonna stop, world laps it up!
Such a dirty Xi. Always going down on mah CCP
For the woker kind. My my my Shanghai woooooo!
Gotta love the Chairman cos MYYYYY CORONA!

I was going to make this parody a little better, but I think I’m already a prime organ donor now, so maybe I’d better quit while I’m behind. I’m kinda nice like that!

Don’t worry, we’ve got a much better Corona song tomorrow… More details soon! Keep an eye on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to favorite the site in yer browser! 😉

Oh and…

Never mind, shifty baby! At least you ain’t like THIS guy! LULZ! xx

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