Rounding Off the Week!

Rounding Off the Week!

As we head towards the weekend, what’s the world of non-satire news going to tell us?

Probably that Erdogan is finding himself increasingly sad, embittered and isolated, Israel’s election woes only continue to deepen, the UK’s approach to Coronavirus gets some heavy criticism while China are on lockdown, Japan are suffering stock market woes like so many others are, Iran is in complete turmoil, North Korea is an utter disaster as always, while the Democratic candidate for the US election is going to be decided VERY soon!

Meanwhile, Glossy News Satire are priming the pump for more mayhem of our own!

Firstly, a funny book serial is running later today from Anthony Rhody! Please bookmark his new author account on Glossy News Satire, which you can find here.

Secondly, we’ll still be posting plenty on our top Facebook and Pinterest pages: both some great new humor, and some welcome blasts from the past! Don’t forget of course, you can find them here and here, and you can also adjust your follow settings on Facebook to get of our posts in your feed. DM our Facebook page if you want to know more! There are also various discussions of this feature that you can find online, which Facebook themselves have designed in order to optimise your web experience.

Thirdly, if you’re on Amazon, don’t forget there’s a short-running free book deal from our author about the UK’s notorious populist party, UKIP.

UK Amazon:

And as this is a raw topic in the US too:

And a new book is out as well!

This week, special thanks to new writer Kathy Varna (author of Wacky on the Junk) for this:

And… as for the new week?

Wait and see! 😉