Raven believes in its dreams, successfully takes off

Raven believes in its dreams, successfully takes off

THIS CRAZY, BEAUTIFUL WORLD — Some moments in nature are beautiful simply because of how rare they are. Many beautiful events are nothing compared to the glory that is a raven taking flight.

And then there are some natural events that are indescribable. A warrant officer showing up to PT? There are no words.

When a group of shammers are seen coalescing in the morning by a coffee machine, or when a warrant officer is spotted in the company area: Both are breaths of majesty. But they are not a raven flying.

So glorious is the flight that poets such as Edgar Allen Poe have wistfully dreamed of the creatures.

The flight of a raven has primarily been observed and recorded by scientists and acquisitions personnel in a controlled environment. Ravens fly often in captivity, sometimes long enough to record for promotional videos and propaganda.

Ravens in the wild are hesitant creatures of reserved splendor. Ravens often nest within their CONEXES, sometimes in complete darkness for months, if not years, awaiting the moment of flight, but being too afraid to spread their wings.

When the moments do come, ravens often lack the confidence to support lift, crashing to the earth under the pressure of fulfilling their destiny and roll in life: To slip the surly bonds and soar (as long as it falls within the 10 kilometer operating radius).

And sometimes … sometimes, a raven will truly believe in itself, soaring gloriously toward the sun as was observed on this day.

Many wept openly at the event. None came away disappointed.

Update: the raven was later lost due to enemy contact.