Quiet Australian Reveals Loud, Casually-Racist Online Alter Ego

Quiet Australian Reveals Loud, Casually-Racist Online Alter Ego

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Local man Chris Thorpe is a quiet, small business owner who generally doesn’t get phased by too much.

From all reports in the Old Town community, Chris is a quiet guy.

However, it has recently come to the attention of The Advocate that Chris’s ‘nice guy’ persona stops the moment he logs on to the internet.

Outback Jack is the pseudonym Chris uses on his Facebook and Instagram profiles and for years now he has been very vocal in expressing his position on a number of racially sensitive issues in Australia and overseas.

On Monday Chris commented on a Facebook news article about the US conflict in Iran, the comment read:

“Fuck why can’t we just let them fight amongst themselves and kill each other off?”

Another comment we found from the quiet racist piece of shit was in regard to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s recent decision to step down from their roles as senior royals.

“HAHA! You know what would have happened here? They were shoved out, you know why”

More to come.