PM Says Risk Of Flash Flooding Means Now Is Also Not A Good Time To Talk About Climate Change

PM Says Risk Of Flash Flooding Means Now Is Also Not A Good Time To Talk About Climate Change


For Scotty From Marketing the words ‘when it rains, it pours’ have never rung truer.

This week on the podcast, we are pulling one out of the vault, the Liberal Deputy and political veteran Julie Bishop. She’s got some stories and a few zingers. Listen here:

With many thinking that now that a lot of the bushfires that have been ravaging the nation for the last 4 or 5 months have kind of quietened down a little bit with the supercell moving over the eastern seaboard, it might maybe, like kinda be a good time, to potentially have a bit of a conversation about climate change and it’s effects on our lives and nation going forward, the PM has confirmed that now is not a great time.

“Now is not the time to be addressing the inner city lunatics and the climate change agenda,” said a stressed-out Morrison at a presser conference this afternoon.

“Just like it wasn’t a good time to discuss changing weather patterns and conditions when the last natural disaster was on,” said the man who explicitly refused to discuss climate change before going on an international holiday.

“Let’s just be happy that the rains are here to quench this thirsty nation, move on from the whole thing and get on with the business of fostering a stable economy propped up by an overinflated housing bubble and ailing resources sector.”

“Jesus, you lot are like the cheese and kisses when she’s got an idea in her head with this whole climate change thing,” he laughed jostling an older male reporter.

“Aye, he knows what I mean haha,” he said pointing to another.

“Geez, let a bloke enjoy beer-o-clock on a Friday arvo aye haha,” he concluded walking off amid a raft of questions from other reporters.