Parents explain younger sibling is just more creative

Parents explain younger sibling is just more creative

A CAT treats its scratching post with the delicacy of an antiques dealer handling valuable Chinese ceramics. 

Emma Bradford’s cat Truffles was bought a wooden scratching post covered in sisal rope which he can rake his claws on to his heart’s content, but has instead treated it like an original Picasso.

Truffles said: “Just look at that thing. It’s exquisite. One day I’ll reluctantly auction it and retire on the proceeds.

“Until then I’m not laying a claw on it. Instead I gaze at it longingly while my owner crouches down and does paw motions at it, though when she gets too tearfully frustrated I have to step in and gently bat her hand away from my cherished post.

“It’s the only thing in this place that’s been made specially for me. Why would I want to destroy it?

“No, when I get itchy claws I just go and shred the arm of the sofa. Because that’s what it’s there for.”

Bradford said: “I only bought that sofa last year. Still, watching it get destroyed is less painful than that time I tried to clip his claws.”