New employee blissfully unaware of who she should hate

New employee blissfully unaware of who she should hate

A NEW employee is enjoying the grace period where she does not yet know who in her office she will despise. 

Emma Bradford has begun a new job as a marketing co-ordinator and has yet to become ensnared in the intricate web of office politics that will dictate her every interaction at work for the next decade. 

She said: “Before long I’ll be co-opted into a friendship group which will dictate when I eat, which TV shows to watch and what I think of every other person I work with. 

“But until then I have this brief window living in a fantasy world where everyone is nice to me without underlying, murderous tensions about who always gets to go to the London conference, the bitch. 

“I’m making the most of it. I flit between different groups, gathering vital information on each, and tomorrow I’m lunching with the guy everyone avoids, just to find out why.” 

Colleague Susan Traherne said: “It’s great to see Clare enjoying chatting to Oliver in accounts because it’s the last time she ever will.”