Nation united in telling January to f*ck right off 

Nation united in telling January to f*ck right off 

LISTENING to audiobooks does not count as reading, the publishing industry has confirmed. 

Writers, publishers and academics have joined forces to condemn anyone who claims to be a ‘big reader’ while having stories told to them.

Denys Finch Hatton of Penguin Books said: “That’s not reading. F**k off.

“While we should in theory be delighted by people consuming stories in any fashion, listening is so obviously not the same thing as reading. I can’t believe I have to even explain that.

“Have you watched The Irishman because you read its Wikipedia entry? Have you eaten a meal by photographing it? No. How is this different?

“Audiobooks are easy. Reading is hard and not fun. Just because the content is identical doesn’t mean the two are in any way similar.

“So next time Ken from work talks about all the books he’s read, tell him listening to Lee Child while he drives to Leicester doesn’t count and that he should be f**king ashamed.”