Nation incapable of not eating stockpiled food

Nation incapable of not eating stockpiled food

THE Queen has admitted she is already bored wandering around the same old lavish 1820s state apartments again and again. 

Her Majesty has been in Windsor Castle since Thursday and says there is only so long you can look out at the extensive landscape of rolling parkland before you go mad.

She continued:“I feel like a prisoner. And they say I might have to be here for months.

“What’s in this room? Oh, it’s a Van Dyck painting. What’s in the next room? Another bloody Van Dyck painting. I mean come on.

“Philip’s no use – very much focused on the whole Chinese aspect to this pandemic, unsurprisingly – and the grand reception room might be 100ft long but it feels like it’s closing in on me.

“I could go out for a walk in the garden, but it’s only 23 acres. God I wish we’d gone to Balmoral while we had the chance, instead of being locked up in this box.

“Still, at least none of the family can visit.”