Man’s phone keyboard still makes the typing noises

Man’s phone keyboard still makes the typing noises

THE coronavirus is the hot new viral sensation on everyone’s lips right now. But how can you make it work for you? 

Claim your work enemy is a super-spreader

Got a sociable colleague you detest? Smear them as a super-spreader, and watch as someone who’s been getting the best freebies for years by snidely saying ‘I’m not sure Janine is strategic enough’ become increasingly bewildered as people don masks and sit far away from him.

Overrule takeaway orders

Stop your partner ordering Chinese every takeaway night by raising vague suspicions. When asked what food prepared in Kiddiminster has to do with a virus in China, simply make something up about imported prawns carrying the virus dormant within their frozen bodies, you know, like the mammoth in TV drama Fortitude.

Get out of a work conference

You really feel it’s best you don’t attend the 2020 data retention conference just outside Utrecht now, what with everything. What if you sit near a Malaysian man and he breathes on you and you’re off for six weeks then sue work? Not worth the risk.

Finally see China

An overseas trip at a bargain-bucket price without the usual tourist crowds? Seven-star luxury and no queue to see the Terracotta Army? Just try not to notice the face masks, overflowing hospitals or palpable air of panic.

Sorely-needed me time? 

Claim you’re just back from China, even if you’re not. Get into bed with a family bag of Kettle Chips and explain that you are self-isolating. Request that all meals are left outside your door on a tray. Repeat for six weeks.