Man takes half an hour to turn off his car alarm

Man takes half an hour to turn off his car alarm

EVERYONE should put money into a pension scheme but is it worth it if you smoke, drink heavily and are reckless with your life choices? Take our test.

How often do you drink?

A. I drink one glass of wine per day as recommended by health experts but I make a point of not enjoying it.

B. Does the pint I’m drinking right now count towards that?

How often do you smoke?

A. Never. It’s a disgusting habit.

B. Crack or meth?

Do you ever take drugs?

A. No, but I did once linger around a joss stick that I liked the scent of.

B. I try to stick to weekends, evenings and if I need a pick-me-up at work after a heavy night.

What’s your diet like?

A. Lentils and water. 

B. Does Mars Bars washed down with Irn-Bru count as a diet?

Do you exercise?

A. Only a few hours a day. Been letting it slip lately.

B. My daily walk to Greggs for a sausage, cheese and bean melt takes at least four minutes.

Mostly As – Yes, you should definitely be putting money into a pension scheme as you’re probably going to live to over 100. The next 50 years will be exceptionally dull but it sounds like all the previous ones were too, so you’ll be used to it.

Mostly Bs – Say f**k it to a pension scheme and instead spend your money on a personal trainer, a therapist and a nice long stint in rehab. Or just keep going with the drugs.