Man d*ckhead enough to try to solve girlfriend’s problem

Man d*ckhead enough to try to solve girlfriend’s problem

A MAN has been enough of a d*ckhead to attempt to solve a problem in his girlfriend’s personal life, he has admitted. 

Tom Booker listened carefully to girlfriend Ellie explain how the whole situation with her and Hannah at work is just impossible, then went and tried to come up with a solution like an ars*hole.

He said: “All I said was ‘Can’t you just ask Hannah if she knows about your argument with Jason?’ and I got a mug thrown at me.

“Surely it goes: Problem. Rational solution. Helpful boyfriend. What happened?”

Ellie Shaw, 31, said, “I can’t believe Tom tried to solve my problem. So, not only is he totally unsympathetic, he also thinks I’m an idiot? I mean, I could deal with it tomorrow if I were willing to give that slag the satisfaction.

“The way it goes is: listen to me rant, be 100 per cent on my side, say that everyone else involved is wrong and selfish and offer to make me a tea.”

Ellie will shortly call a female friend for the rest of the evening, while Tom will go and sit in the bedroom on his phone.