LeBron Emerges as Trump’s Biggest Threat

LeBron Emerges as Trump’s Biggest Threat

By his own admission, Donald Trump knows a lot of words but in recent days, the term “avoision” may be at the top of his list. Having successfully escaped from his impeachment trial, the President seems to be untouchable in the most powerful position on earth.

In the wake of that impeachment collapse, we’re all facing up to the reality of a second Trump term, but could there finally be a tangible rival from the world of sport? The busiest man on the planet right now is Lebron James and, like most active people, a journey into the world of politics must surely be a natural step for him.

Busy Busy

14864250901_7c941ac6cc_c LeBron Emerges as Trump’s Biggest Threat

LeBron James Homecoming” (CC BY 2.0) by EDrost88

LeBron’s activities have gone under the radar while we’ve been reporting on Trump’s latest adventures, but the NBA star remains almost as active as the President. Firstly, he remains an influential basketball player. In fact, if you take a look at the current NBA betting on bet365, his LA Lakers team are narrow second favorites for the championship this season, at +290 – just behind the Bucks.

In recent weeks, James has also managed the winning NBA All Star team and he’s just become an author. LeBron’s debut book, I Promise, will be released on August 11th to add to a packed portfolio of work. In the past, James has hosted Saturday Night Live and he can also claim some acting credits. President Trump knows a lot of words and has done a lot of things, but we think we’ve found his match.

Par for the Course

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We are not familiar with President Trump’s prowess on the basketball court but we do know that he has a tidy golf game. His prowess on the fairways isn’t, however, a match for former North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il, who once recorded 11 holes in one on his way to a round of 34 at the Pyongyang Golf Course.
With that kind of scoring, it’s a wonder that we didn’t see Kim on the PGA Tour, but what about our more direct rivalry between Donald Trump and LeBron James? In this instance, Trump wins in terms of quantity with claims that the President spent one in five days on a course in 2019.

Lebron, in contrast, was less active on the fairways but unlike Donald Trump, he does have a YouTube channel providing golf lessons to whoever wants to watch. There’s a rivalry here, make no mistake… But will the two men clash on the political stage?

LeBron’s Leanings

31963023360_473e761dd2_c-200x133-1 LeBron Emerges as Trump’s Biggest Threat

Donald Trump” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore
We also know that LeBron James has political leanings which favor the Democrats. In 2016, the NBA star endorsed Hillary Clinton. He is also on record referring to President Trump as a “bum.”

So, ladies and gentlemen, while the Democrats squabble over the man, or woman, to go head-to-head with Donald Trump in 2020, we’ve done all the hard work for them.

It was pretty easy in the end: All we needed was a man busier than Trump, who is better at golf and one who clearly holds him in some contempt. LeBron James – the next move is yours.