Idiot believes life will be hard for Harry now

Idiot believes life will be hard for Harry now

AN idiot has convinced himself that life will be difficult for the Duke of Sussex from this point on. 

Nathan Muir has been snickering at the Queen’s decision to make Harry repay £2.4 million for Frogmore Cottage and the loss of his HRH title as if the Prince will ever suffer a moment of hardship. 

Muir said: “Welcome to the real world Harry, where everything’s not given to you on a plate. 

“You’ll have to get a job as a street sweeper or something. That’ll teach you a lesson. Your multi-millionaire dad won’t bail you out, because that’d be wrong. 

“And Meghan? No way she’s got any money left from when she was earning half a million a year, and Hollywood won’t touch her now. You messed this one up, sweetheart. 

“Yeah, those two will definitely have to learn the meaning of hard graft. No more world tours at the taxpayer’s expense. They’ll soon come running back.” 

The Duke of Sussex said: “Apparently businesses are falling over themselves to give us things for free. Not that we need it. But we’ll take it.”