I just wanted my own TV show, admits Greta Thunberg

I just wanted my own TV show, admits Greta Thunberg

ARE you prepared to spend time and money doing stupid bullsh*t so strangers will Like and Follow you on Instagram? Find out: 

How many times did you get dressed this morning?

A) Once, which was one too many
B) I tried on eleven different outfits and took 40 different selfies of each with subtly different expressions on my face, before choosing the perfect shot

What did you eat for breakfast?

A) A pint of coffee and a Cadbury’s Creme Egg
B) Nothing because that would be food, but I made a plate of duck egg pancakes with goji berries, photographed them and chucked them in the bin

How many pets do you own?

A) One miserable cat that I largely ignore until it craps in the kitchen and I shout at it
B) Six miniature sausage dogs I force to wear matching jumpers while posing on a vintage record player

What’s your holiday itinerary like?

A) Arrive, sit by pool drinking, pass out, repeat
B) Go to iconic locations and join the queue of other people forcing their partners to take photos of themselves in apparent isolation against a stunning backdrop

Do you want to have a job?

A) No, but I accept it as a necessary evil
B) No, and there’s no limit to the amount of twattery I will go through to avoid it


Mostly As: Your life is weird and a bit sad, but you aren’t a massive twat.

Mostly Bs: You are a massive twat in a world of massive twats all battling it out to become Emperor of the Twats. But hey, sometimes you get free stuff.