Goondiwindi Working Dog Wondering How Far He Has To Run To Get Away From The Sprinklers

Goondiwindi Working Dog Wondering How Far He Has To Run To Get Away From The Sprinklers


As Western Queensland and New South Wales continues to receive some of its best rainfalls in months, the downpour is yet to break drought but has helped further squash persistent bushfires.

In NSW, the Northern Tablelands, Northern Slopes, Northern Rivers, Mid North Coast and Hunter have relished in some decent rain – while Queensland’s Maranoa and Condamine rivers are experiencing the rare

Falls of up to 50mm would be the state’s most significant rainfall since September last year, with rain expected to continue falling into the weekend.

However, as always during torrential rain, graziers are also worried about the prospects of copping battering. Similar to what we saw early last year in North Queensland – when the region copped a year’s worth of rainfall in nine days and they lost every fence post from Three Rivers to the Curry.

Other concerns that arise during unexpected rainfall is the poor little working dogs that have only ever known drought.

This was on show for all this arvo as one little kelpie cross in Goondiwindi kept running for hours in an effort to avoid the garden sprinkler system, which seem to be covering the entire low production zone surrounding his owner’s homestead.

It seems the four-year-old working dog, who goes by the name of Russhinze, has never experienced this rare sensation of water coming from the sky before, and after a couple hours of joyful play, has decided he’s bored of the irrigation system.

As his owners chase him in close pursuit on a motorbikes, Russhinze is certain he’ll be outside the radius soon enough.

The Bureau of Meteorology have also issued strong warnings about working-dogs-going-mad for the Hunter and Sydney coasts.

Thunderstorms and heavy rain may bring flash flooding and damaging winds to several areas including Sydney, Port Macquarie, Taree, Armidale, Orange, Canberra, Goulburn and Tamworth.

Bring it on!

But not too much for fucks sake.