Five incredibly stupid things you shouldn’t be doing right now

Five incredibly stupid things you shouldn’t be doing right now

LOOKING to get an iconic photo of yourself posing in front of an empty city? Stop and do not do that, you ignorant prick. Resist the temptation to do these things too. 

Going on a six-hour hike

Technically you’re in the fresh air, you’re interacting with nobody and you’re allowed out once a day for for exercise. But is it worth the risk of buggering your ankle in a badger’s sett and needing medical attention just to get your money’s worth out of your North Face?

Shopping around

There’s a time and a place for visiting several supermarkets to get £2 off a bottle of Absolut, and that time is not f**king now. Pay the extra, shut up and go directly home. 

Driving to a beauty spot

Sure, you didn’t get out of the car. But when the advice is ‘stay at home’ surely you can still be following it by day three? Apparently not, and your need for a view means it’s time to stretch the rules. 

Ordering loads of crap

Yes, on Amazon Prime you can get a harpsichord and a falconry glove delivered by first thing tomorrow, but you will neither use this period to learn the harpsichord nor take up falconry. Stop making other people work through this because you’re bored. 

Asking for money for your bollocks project

Tens of thousands have lost their income. You taking to social media to crowdfund cash for your coronavirus drone abstract film concept is not vital and nobody will be inspired by you.