Drill instructor murdered with drill in hilarious prank

Drill instructor murdered with drill in hilarious prank

FORT BENNING, Ga. – An Army recruit is in Military Police custody after a jovial prank hilariously took the life of his drill sergeant, sources confirm.

Rodney Tillman, a native of Davenport, Iowa, is being charged with first-degree murder after Military Police Officers found the body of Sergeant Eddie Munoz, a drill instructor with 15 years in the Army and 3 breezy holes in his head.

In an interview from a jail telephone, Tillman stated that he concocted the idea for the uproarious prank after realizing that the drill instructor wasn’t, in fact, instructing anyone on how to use a drill.

He added that he believed he had come up with the most hilarious gag the Army had ever seen.

“I had to keep this sweet prank all to myself,” Tillman said while chuckling. “I joined the Army to see the world and do great pranks. It’s going to be hard to top this one,” he added.

Authorities report that Tillman planned his prank over the course of a week before making his move. He allegedly waited for everyone in his platoon to fall asleep and then he merrily approached Munoz from behind. Tillman then clubbed Munoz in the back of the head, mimicking an uproarious classic Three Stooges bit that he had repeatedly watched as a child.

Barely containing his laughter, Tillman then dragged the unconscious drill instructor over to where the moonlight was shining through a window. There, he cheerfully drilled holes into the skull of his favorite drill instructor, squirting blood festively around the floor and walls. 

“Once I had the holes finished, I took a few snaps of him with a cell phone I smuggled to document gags just like this,” Tillman added gleefully. “His lifeless body was just eating up all this attention. What a ham. The moonlight was shining through the holes and hitting the floor! It was priceless!”

Tillman’s father supported his son’s decision to play this boot camp joke—one that was sure to be a classic.

“He was always playing gags like that on neighborhood pets,” said Jethro Tillman. “I tried getting him focused on things like school and girls, but he always kept returning to his first true love: frolicking under the moonlight covered in cat blood.”

“What a hoot that kid is — HAHA!”

While being led away by the MPs, Tillman reportedly kept saying, “Come on guys, don’t you get it? Don’t you get the joke?”