Donald Trump claims to be a natural virologist – 8 sick burns

Donald Trump claims to be a natural virologist – 8 sick burns

The definition of the Dunning-Kruger effect in psychology is “a cognitive bias in which people assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is.” Thanks, Wiki. Same time tomorrow, yeah? Cool.

The reason we’re mentioning this psychological phenomenon is that it’s probably the best explanation for this clip of Donald Trump.

The visit to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) was made more ironic by the fact that the President has slashed their budget, making it more difficult for them to respond to the current crisis.

Writer, actor and politically savvy tweeter, Alex Andreou paraphrased it perfectly.

He could have named a disease after himself, had he entered that field, and it would have been the best disease …no other diseases would have done the numbers of the Trumpimonas richdickiensis.

As well as Alex’ insightful comment, we very much enjoyed these.









Finally, Jeffrey Wright edited the clip to show what this CDC doctor thought of what he was hearing.

We really wish that naked emperor image hadn’t been put into our minds.


This American news network’s schoolboy error is so mind-numbingly dumb the entire internet facepalmed itself

Source Aaron Rupar Image Aaron Rupar, @cdc on Unsplash