Coronavirus triage procedures put majors last

Coronavirus triage procedures put majors last

FORT BRAGG, N.C. — Military priorities put majors last on the triage list as a part of procedures to manage the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, sources confirmed.

Emails obtained by reporters show that the Army Surgeon General directed hospitals to apply a “Priority 3 (minimal care; do not resuscitate)” tag to majors. This tag prioritizes soldiers of other ranks, spouses of sergeants, and pets above majors for medical care. The Air Force has adopted a similar rule.

When asked for comment, the Surgeon General’s Public Affairs Office provided a written statement that said in part: “’Advanced triage’ procedures require that some patients be left untreated to bolster resources for more hopeful cases. As such, medical care must be withheld for officers with terminal careers.”

“There’s no percentage in saving their lives if they are not useful to the Army.” 

Maj. Brian Payne, who is diagnosed with the coronavirus, remains in quarantine. Payne greeted the Surgeon General’s directive.

“Honestly, I feel like it’s an act of mercy,” he said, “I’d rather die than write another weekly FRAGO.” 

Moments later, Payne’s phone lit up with a message from his Division Executive Officer asking, “Hey man, you have your work laptop with you, right? We need the FRAGO ASAP.”