Below-Average Marketing Student Dreams Of Entering Politics

Below-Average Marketing Student Dreams Of Entering Politics

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After watching Scotty from Marketing over the past couple of months, below average marketing student, Stacey Watts is today realising that hope is not lost when it comes to her career.

Due to graduate this year, the P-average student had felt a little concerned about her job prospects given she wasn’t very good at marketing and she’d made no effort to organise an internship.

But as she explains to our reporter, entering politics is now her dream.

“It’s not like I look up to him, but I just reckon if he can get to where he is then who knows what I could do”

“I think I’ll aim to fast track my career and become an advisor asap so Scotty can get some fucking decent advice”

“I am no genius, but I definitely could have told him not to go to Hawaii and to not shift the blame of his fuck ups to anyone” 

Scotty’s holiday to Hawaii has been a major PR disaster for the prime minister, but the reason he was there could be a hell of a lot worse.

Allegations have emerged that Scotty’s ‘holiday’ was actually a Pentecostal convention.

The claim is being investigated.

More to come.